You’re Pathetic And Won’t Amount To Anything

Hello. I am here to make a statement. The statement is the title above. That’s all. Byeeeee.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s think about why you’re pathetic and won’t amount to anything. But first, consider how you responded to the title up above.

Did you agree with it? Did you feel hurt by it? Do you feel like your ice cream was being judged?

If so, then congratulations, you have illustrated the vital point I am making with the title and this blog post. The point that on some level, you seem to believe that you won’t amount to anything and that you are pathetic.

The interesting thing about our brains and our perceptions is that we tend to hyperfocus on things to confirm our own biases. If you believe yourself to be an idiot or have low self esteem, you will necessarily prime your brain to focus on those kinds of things, confirming what you already believe about yourself. It’s rather troubling, really – but that’s how our brains work and part of why it’s great too. Seriously, I spot a nice yoga arse on a lady from fucking miles away. Amazing focus. Anyway..

Would you like to know a secret? Your focus is changeable! And I’m giving you the method to change it in this blog post, and for free! It’s nice to be insulted and vindicated at the same time. It’s a strange kind of uppercut to the chin, but it was with a mitten.

(If you do want to support me monetarily though, do it)

Anyway, how do you solve this problem? Well, you have to start at the roots of the problem rather than the superficial points. Too many people (including me time to time) tend to focus on the surface and analyze it to an absurdly large degree.

“This fucking frog called me pathetic and I AM pathetic! Why do I think that though well it might be because I never do anything right and Gary even said that I couldn’t even do the basic math at work and for fucks sake I screwed up the cooking last night and–” yadda yadda, your stream of consciousness is a mixed bag of rationalizing bullshit that is working to convince you that what I said was somehow important or true.

Here’s a new idea: take a step back and choose to not think that way anymore.

..yes, I’m serious. You can actually do that. It’s called free will!

Slightly condescending sounding writing aside, what I mean is that you can consciously say “I’m not going to think, or believe in this anymore”. That’s an active choice that requires you to focus. It seems like it doesn’t work when you do it at first, but consistently reminding yourself it’s not a path you wish to take anymore, alongside focusing on things that confirm your new thought pattern ie. focusing on the work you did well, or the exercise routine you’ve established, or achieving goals (however big/small) will lead to you uprooting the old, shitty premise of believing you are pathetic.

It’s also important to recognize that most of the time, those kinds of beliefs are actually not yours. Those thoughts came from outside sources and you’ve registered them into your psyche as true. Well, they aren’t true, and if someone, including me, claims it to be true, tell them to fuck off.

Who the hell has the right or reason to be telling you how you are as a person or that you’re incapable? Seriously think about that and recognize that it deserves to be looked at with righteous anger. All humans have a brain and it has many functions. It also allows you to expand on knowledge exponentially and act in ways that maximize survival. On a default level you’re capable of living and thriving, you just have to choose to recognize and act in accordance with that. It is complete and utter bullshit when someone tells you that you are pathetic or incapable. Of course you are capable, you’re a human being! We’re basically mortal Gods!

You also have to put yourself as your mental point of origin. Drop all beliefs and ideas, then focus on yourself and what you want in this brief blip of life that you have. You come first, necessarily so, because you can only be you and ought to take care of you. Reminder: you’re going to die. So…work on making life good. It’s baffling that people spend so much time tormenting themselves with shitty beliefs. Understandable but also baffling. Everyone’s been there on some level.

The solution is to focus. It’s to become conscious of the superficial analysis and streams of thought. See it for what it is, then make a conscious decision: that you’re changing the way you think. Focus and work towards it – that’s vital. You need to really be conscious of what you’re doing and turn right in the brain, instead of turning left into shitbrain town, which is the automatic turn.

Think of it like muscle memory. If I tell you to start writing with your non-dominant hand, you will physically feel how hard it can be, but it is very doable if you focus. However, do it with your dominant hand and it’s effortless.

The brain, and thought patterns, are exactly the same, just a bit more meta in that you’re thinking about the thoughts you have and changing those thoughts. It’s kind of like doing open heart surgery on yourself, just not as bloody or fun.

Anyway, with all that said, no you’re not pathetic and you’ll probably amount to many things. I don’t care what it is, that’s not for me to judge or worry about – your life and all that. But just remember – be conscious of how you’re reacting. Notice what you’re thinking. If you don’t like it, change it, and most importantly..

Tell people who trash you to fuck off.

That’s all, now go and be not-pathetic and achieve what you want. You’ve got one shot.

Support my work if you like it or it helps you! This is a major project of mine that I want to become a big boy project and source of income. Love u bye

One thought on “You’re Pathetic And Won’t Amount To Anything

  1. Interesting because my first thought when I read your title was “who is THAT about?!?”

    I looked to the picture for some help and agreed because those women look a lot like the ones who bully me at work in various offices so yeah. Maybe you were on to something?

    Then I read the rest of your blog, smiled, nodded and cheered when you suggested that people who want to label me as anything less than I am (awesome) should f**k right off. Yuss!!! Love it!!! I will eat any damn icecream I want (thank you, Mr Frog) and wave my cone (ice cream) at anyone who looks like they’re judging me. Or slurp extra noisily. Either way, I’ll enjoy.

    Keep writing, you AMAZING thing.


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