Art Portfolio

Digital Artist / Painter

I’m largely a self-taught digital painter that really got stuck into digital work in late 2009 during my digital media studies. I took quite a big break from it all after I had moved to Japan to begin my teaching career, but in 2020, particularly after some personal tragedy, I went back to it massively, alongside being offered commissioned work and working on some personal projects.

My style is quite difficult to describe but it’s been called more impressionistic than anything else. My main inspirations are the late Leonid Afremov, Andreas Rocha and Jeremy Vickery, whom I owe eternal gratitude to, as his lecture on “Practical Light and Color” propelled my skills to levels I couldn’t imagine myself having. My tools of the trade are Corel Painter Essentials and ArtRage 6, the latter pretty much taking precedence. Hardware wise I use an intuos 4 on my desktop, and on the go I paint on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

For commissions, please contact me on my ArtStation profile.

Older Work and Speed Paintings

Older work from when I was studying and speed paintings.

Newer Work

Work that is more focused and recent. Almost all original work!