On Love: Conditional by Default

I answer a lot of questions on Quora, a website where people can ask questions and receive answers from all kinds of people; whether it be from academics, blue collar workers or very scary Objectivist's such as myself. It's an enjoyable activity of mine, and I usually focus on the topics that are of biggest … Continue reading On Love: Conditional by Default

The Short Term Doesn’t Exist

Something I have recently heard in discussions is the dichotomy between the "short term" and "long term" goal mindsets; the idea that you can create goals across the span of a certain amount of time, with some of it being defined as "long", and other goals defined as "short". The distinction and where a goal … Continue reading The Short Term Doesn’t Exist

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Note: this write-up is NOT spoiler free. Sekiro was a game I was greatly looking forward to playing after it was announced. It ticked all the right notes for me: dark fantasy infused with Japanese mythology and an 'alternate' history, fast paced and challenging combat, interesting story elements mixed with gameplay and developed by a … Continue reading Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice