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If you’re on this page, you’re likely considering supporting me monetarily, which is lovely.

My website is built around my own values and what is important to me – namely, writing, art and philosophy. Long term, my dream is to have this be some kind of sustainable thing and a source of decent income, so I can build up some cash and be able to acquire the things necessary in my own life so it’s a happier time.

Contrary to how it can appear, I have put thousands upon thousands of hours (and dollars) in learning about the ideas I write about and making something original. It is an understatement when I say I study a lot. It’s a tonne of time and energy to be able to simplify complex ideas for the average reader, and I continue to expand on it because I’m passionate about knowledge, truth and human prosperity. If you believe that is worth something, then please consider donating or providing a monthly contribution. Yes, it does really help me out. I’m a fairly ordinary person with an income that is nothing special at this point in time, so whatever amount is donated is used meaningfully.

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