About Me

Welcome to my blog and website. Most people know me by my pseudonym, Frog. I use this blog to write about many different things. I’m an ex-journalist for now defunct independent gaming website, PALGN and author of “Teaching English in Japan”. I am an active digital artist that takes commissions, too.

In my spare time, I use this blog to post my thoughts on things such as video games, ethics, psychology, epistemology, language, culture and much more. I also write a number of short stories. All work is original. A lot of it is controversial, but the intent is never, ever to destroy others – but rather to adhere to reality.

While many of my thoughts and methods of approaching things are influenced by various philosophical systems, I am in fact more a philosopher for hire – an intellectual mercenary of sorts with an existential flair to my writing. I think on things and come up with my own conclusions, and while my knowledge is fairly broad, I am open to the prospect of new ideas and forming new concepts that adhere to reality. I don’t associate with any particular system of thought as I genuinely do consider myself quite independent, but I do not mind if you consider me an <insert thinker label> either way. There are clear inspirations in my work though, an obvious one being Ayn Rand.

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