About Me

Welcome to my blog and website. My name is Vedran Denny Markovic, and I use this blog to write about many different things. I’m an ex-journalist for now defunct independent gaming website, PALGN, author of “Teaching English in Japan”, and am currently living in Japan while studying to become a Mental Health Counselor. In my spare time, I’ll use this blog to post my thoughts on things such as video games, ethics, psychology, epistemology, language, culture and much more. Most of my thoughts are strongly influenced from an Objectivist point of view, however I prefer to be seen just as an individualist rather than associated with a particular group =).

You can consider this blog a gateway to my thoughts, if you’re interested in that. If you do find my writing valuable and worth your time, you can donate any amount you wish with the paypal button below. It further incentivizes me to continue writing, and obviously helps me keep things running.

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