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Welcome to my blog and website. My name is Vedran Denny Markovic, and I use this blog to write about many different things. I’m an ex-journalist for now defunct independent gaming website, PALGN, author of “Teaching English in Japan”, and am currently living in Japan working as a language teacher and trainer. I am an active digital artist that takes commissions, and also an YouTuber, albeit right now on ice.

In my spare time, I’ll use this blog to post my thoughts on things such as video games, ethics, psychology, epistemology, language, culture and much more. While many of my thoughts and methods of approaching things are influenced by various philosophical systems, one being Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, I do not consider myself in line with any philosophical system and am a seeker of truth, open to any and all information, and pride myself on independent thinking via the use of reason. I am very focused on the internal world or psychological well being of human beings, and I am an enormous fan and proponent of unique approaches to it, an example being Sadhguru’s “Inner Engineering”, a system based on mysticism to enhance one’s inner experience and existential well being. I am not a believer of any system, I only seek and integrate.

You can consider this blog a gateway to my thoughts, if you’re interested in that. If you do find my writing valuable and worth your time, donate any amount you wish with the paypal button below. It further incentivizes me to continue writing, and obviously helps me keep things running.

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