Your Idols Are Ordinary


Do you have an idol? A hero? Someone you look up to and admire greatly? Someone you..erm..strongly think about when alone in bed under the sheets?

Well, I’m here to tell you, as the local amphibian prick, that your idol is as ordinary as your reflection and they’re not all that special. Another dream destroyed, another hope shattered. My job here is done.


For those new to my blog, welcome – this is how I roll with my posts and they generally tend to jab at you with dirty needles. For everyone else, you know the drill. Keep reading because you know that I’m making some kind of point that will light another bulb up somewhere in your noggin’.

Your idols are ordinary. This is actually true, and that is a good thing. Why?

Well, let’s think about it a little bit. There are a lot of people I can point to and say “that person is pretty cool and great”. Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos. Isaac Newton. Anita Sark–wait not that one, this is the “cool” list.

Anyway, my point is, there are many people I can look at, point to and say yes, they good person and ooga booga very cool. They do many things. They make cool products and give me same day deliveries. What absolute lads.

But they’re still ordinary people, because all people are ordinary. What do I mean?

Well, consider this. Isaac Newton died never getting laid. This is an affront to many, because getting laid is quite a fun endeavor. But that is not what Isaac decided to focus on. Instead, he went ahead and obsessed over gravity and apples. Otherwise, he did many unremarkable things in his life, too. He never learned pick-up, what a huge loss. Maybe he could’ve solved pick up artistry with the mass of some nice ass.

Bezos has money but is not ultra swole. Elon is very smart but I can probably obliterate him in Quake 3. I don’t know what their personal lives are like, but my point is that yes, while they have done many remarkable things in many different contexts, they’re still, ultimately, ordinary human beings, that happened to use their minds in particular ways to achieve things that they are obsessed about and conversely, those things were of immense value to the greater populace.

I am not obsessed about Amazon and delivery services. I am, however, obsessed about writing interesting and passionate articles in a very unique way. I can probably beat Bezos and Musk in this area. I can also probably beat both of them in a painting contest, too. But it really doesn’t matter. They likely don’t really give a shit about those things. They have other obsessions.

They’re ordinary people. I could probably sit down and have a normal chat with Elon about many things and then get on with my day. He likely has his own personal problems in his life, just like you or I do. And that is my greater point.

We can look up to and admire many people. It’s a good thing, because good people generally admire others and inspire others, too. But don’t look at these people as if they are significantly better than you in some respects. If you’re comparing within contexts, ie. my bank account vs Elon’s account, then yes sure he beats me by just a little. But on the base level, he’s a human being just like I am, and he’s doing human things that he likes, and I am doing human things that I like. I respect his work and accomplishments greatly, but I do not idolize him.

I look at him and say “this bloke is cool, and he does things he likes. So maybe I should do the things I like, too!” Well look at that, inspiration the right way around!

Your idols are ordinary, and that’s why they’re great. They take their humanity, mix it with the ingredient of interests, then obsess over their interests and create something out of it. Whether it makes $5 or $500,000 isn’t relevant unless you’re looking to make the moolah and are purely materialist. What matters is looking at them and being inspired by the fact that they’re doing what they love doing.

That is when inspiration happens, and properly. Don’t try to be like Elon Musk. Try to be like you, and think about how you want to be. Look up to the big names and admire the fact that they are themselves and actualize it, and then follow in kind with your own unique explosion.

So, no, your idols are not Gods (unless you subscribe to us being mortal Gods).

They’re ordinary human beings who do things they love, and while their lives are very different with different achievements, they end up at the same destination that you do ultimately…which is in a coffin (or urn, I don’t really care which).

So why not make your own journey of being alive a joyful, unique one? Be inspired to do you, bro. Your heroes are ordinary, and ordinary is where your own success begins.

Love u bye

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