The Root of God

The forgotten truth behind the concept of Gods is that Gods are a man made concept. They came into existence as a way for men to hold onto a torch in an existence which neither cared nor thought of them. Within the chaos was a light that binded us, and that was the Gods above.

The thunderous roar of Zeus, the forgiving light of God, the merciful nature of Gaia; the Gods provided comfort in darkest times. They provided guidance within moments of turmoil where man could not identify or understand what he must do. He can pray, he can beg, and he can refer to the ancient tomes written long ago that provided him with an answer that he could not conceive of himself. They could also tell him what he must avoid, what sins are to be vanquished so that one can be forgiven and provided with the keys to the gates of divine retribution once the beating of the heart ceases to beat forever more.

And yet, there were no Gods to begin with. God isn’t dead – he was just never there. The echoes of the enlightenment and the words of Nietzsche ripple in the present, where truth is in the recognition of the fact that there is no worship, there is no deity, there is no being up above that will provide you with the answers. There was never a “right” or “wrong” that existed out there. There is only existence, and nothing else.

You – we, are alone. We always have been. And always will be.

And through that truth came darkness, the void, and despair. The incessant lashing out through violent acts, the worship of politicians, people and countries built from the pooling blood of millions. The destruction of life all in the name of a newfound God – the state, science, kings – one that is physical and real, one that understands that the solution is utopia. All things equal. Perfectly controlled chaos. A desperate attempt at controlling the uncontrollable, of tightening the noose around the neck of reality, when all it was doing the tightening the noose around ourselves.

The darkness still remained. People cling to whatever it is that they can – the state, religion, the “sciences”, the “soulmate”, the “dream”, the atomic family. And for what? All in the name of answering the question: why?

Why are we here? What is the point? What can destroy the void that follows me? What passionate ideals and religions can lead me to the truth and finally purge the shadow that follows me everywhere I go?

It’s a question unanswered. No matter where you go, what you do, what religion you praise or state you love, the question remains: why?

Yet the terrifying fact of the matter is that you know what the answer is. Deep down, in the dark pits that you run from, the answer is right there. There is none.

There is no point. There never was. This is just how it is, and it will never be anything else. Existence brought you to life and placed you here because…we don’t know. We never will. Billions upon billions of lights burning bright in the form of a life have come and gone like blips on a radar and they all face the same fact of reality: that there is no answer to it, there is no purpose, rhyme and reason to it.

It just is. And you are alone. We all are.

But think back to what humans have done.

Think back to the moments where humans clung to ideas, concepts and philosophies out of a desperate attempt to acquire a sense of control.

Think of the eons of thought, the civilizations built and burnt, the radiant lights that man created – the Gods they created.

All of it strives for something. It has no rhyme or reason beyond man, for man is the only being that can reason and rhyme. Nature does not care about you. Existence is indifferent to you. You are simply here and you’re building things. You’re applying your mind and thinking about the why’s. You’re working to make rhyme and reason a part of reality. An imprint of your own legacy that will remain on this Earth and beyond once you are ash.

These things mean something to you. Your actions mean something to you. They ought to mean something, because you’re alive, and to be alive is to be capable of thought, and to be able to think is to be able to create, and what you create is what is valuable. Because you built it. It’s the physical extension of the radiant explosion of light that is your mind.

Whoever created the idea behind Gods was clever, but they made a fundamental mistake: they did not understand that if God was man-made, then the true Gods are men. Mortal Gods, capable of blinking into this existence for a brief moment and leaving a footprint that lasts for an eternity.

Perhaps it’s what we actually are. Fragile Gods that have the capability to transcend and obliterate the chaos and frightening void with an orderly thought and a process of effort. We are the catalysts behind our joy and existence, in that we can utilize our minds and produce wonders that we look to and worship. But really, we ought to be worshiping ourselves.

In times of darkness where despair and thoughts of death come along, perhaps you should reconsider and really think about what you are: a mortal God. One of many. And during those dark thoughts, remind yourself that to vanquish a God before it can leave its own bright light in this vast existence is an affront to its potential. All lights come and go, but they should never be snuffed out with a smoking gun or a tightened noose.

They should fade, gracefully, into the dark, leaving their marks so that they can be seen in the sunlight for the next candles that come along.

Man has struggled for eons to understand the reason why. But there is none. Existence does not care about you.

But remember, we are Gods. And we can leave a light that shines into eternity. We make the reason for being. Our meaning is our own. It doesn’t matter in the end, but during the brief moment where your life came to be, it mattered then, and that is the only time you will remember it.

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6 thoughts on “The Root of God

  1. Loving the progression as I read your blog from despair and questions to feeling awesome as a “fragile god”. So good. I’m a firm believer in God but I’m not gonna argue with you or try to tell you you’re wrong, you’re entitled to your amazing opinions and I love reading about them. How wonderful to each have the power to leave a lasting footprint on this earth of ours, eh? I pray we leave behind kindness. And trees.

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    1. Virtue is a more important factor than belief. I’m aggressively anti-religion qua religion but indifferent to what a person believes. If you believe it, no problem. Your life, your joy ride. You choose what matters.


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