Your Pudding Has No Proof

On the contrary to the title, I really like pudding. I hope you do too, because pudding is pretty awesome all things considered. But the topic today is not about pudding, but rather the proof that people claim behind their pudding, which is actually just belief…which is bullshit!

Welcome to a new post where I trash believers, or rather specific believers who try to subvert reality to their whims and generally make a mess of things with their stupidity.

What exactly do I mean? Well, have you ever believed something to be true based on a particular set of ideas that have never been proven otherwise? Have you ever made a claim to something, not based on evidence, but rather the feeling or belief that it’s true?

Well congratulations, your brain is not optimized for clean thinking and is in for a bad time. It can also cause a rather high amount of problems if you have enough social influence, too.

This issue is not an uncommon one, unfortunately. People make claims based on a belief that something is true rather than providing evidence that it is true. There is no backing of evidence in many claims nowadays. This is not a “religious” problem, either – religion has always banked on the claim that God is real and he’s in everything (including your mum) and it’s beyond human explanation. No evidence or anything, just that this bloke is up your arse or whatever. Cool, don’t care, you can be a God-bro if you want. That’s an argument of metaphysics and philosophy, it’s been going on for ages, and yes, the realist/nihilist/materialist types have ripped that argument a new one more times than a katana is folded, yet people still believe. Deification and all that..

But I digress, that’s not the specific type of belief I’m talking about. I’m talking about things like believing the Earth is flat or we are controlled by lizards, or a particular group is naturally violent based on a belief rather than any hard evidence to the claim. You know, the types that point to actual shit, make a claim about shit based on a singular variable, then believing they have found the answer to the shit based on that claim with no evidence. That kind of shitter. For the gamers out there, an easy one you can relate to: violent games = violent people. It’s a dumb belief.

It’s a really bad way of thinking. Very bad, and dangerous. Here’s the thing: reality is really bloody complex, and making a claim requires a monumental amount of observation, examination and proof before it can be given the thumbs up from us realist bros. The proof is in the (real) pudding, but good lord that pudding has a LOT of ingredients.

As an example, do you have any sliver of an idea how complex your hand, on its own, is? It’s skin, bone, joints and nails, and then alongside that it has cells, hair, cracks and creases, particular compounding connections that affect one another, blood flow, nerves, maybe a dick in between its fingers…there’s a lot to cover and that’s not even beginning to examine any particular feature about it, nor focusing on any particular context, like “why is there a dick in your hand”.

Reality is really, really complex. When we conceptualize things, we are making it easier for us because that’s how humans work, but concepts act like folders on your PC. In the folder of “human”, you have sub folders that describe things like “organs”, “bones”, “anatomy”, “shape”, “fursuits”, etc. In each folder, there are more sub-folders. In those sub-folders, there are more folders. It doesn’t stop. It’s a near limitless amount of data that keeps subdividing into more specific things until we reach a current limit of human knowledge. I do say current because there’s always more to know – aka, fuck off, skeptics.

That’s just examining a human. Yet dick heads on social media like to make big claims based on superficial beliefs, on topics that involve several humans, or ideologies that are highly abstract? Really? Are you people insane? What the fuck is inside that bullshit pudding of yours?

Keep in mind, I’m not advocating not making the claims of what you’re talking about, or that reality can’t be known. But your claim has to be backed by valid evidence, and evidence that refers to things that are actually real. And that’s also part of why I distinguish between a claim and a belief in this post. A claim is something that ought to be backed. A belief is..well, bullshit.

It’s just bullshit. You know what’s also bullshit? The fact that people keep falling for stupid beliefs. I’ve seen beliefs in the political sphere where “If it was x party, then it would be MoRe ViOlEnT” is said, and people lap it up. Again, deification problem – take a shot of the void. People focus on what they want to be true because it gives their stupid little belief system merit. It gives them some kind of point behind their otherwise pointless ideologies. It’s nonsense. Stop it! It creates so many problems and so much violence. Eat real pudding, for fucks sake.

So to summarize, when you’re ready to tell the world you’re right about something, ensure that it is backed by things that have actual merit and are based in reality, rather than some belief pudding based on a feeling or a pathetic attempt to keep whatever belief system your operating system runs on. What you say, especially when you have influence, actually matters, and it can create very dangerous ripples that have lasting, nasty consequences.

Be real, have an ice cream, and don’t believe in bullshit pudding. Think a little and remember to examine your bloody sub-folders. You’re more than capable of that – remember? You’re a god damned miracle! ACT LIKE IT.

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4 thoughts on “Your Pudding Has No Proof

  1. 1) I too love pudding. I mean, what’s not to like? Maybe a side of bacon, though
    2) Agree 100% with your post – don’t be spouting BS unless you’re willing to back it up with fact
    3) I looked at my hand when you wrote about hands. I appreciate them so much more now
    4) Keep writing, I bloody love your posts
    5) I have a belief in bacon. I can’t back that up, I just love it.


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