The abyss, or: Essence

A good continuation of a very old poem of mine. David’s blog is great and I recommend everyone check it out.

The Skeptic's Kaddish 🇮🇱

Poetry Partners #65

A poem by Vedran Markovic of ‘Frog Machinery’

Falling falling falling,
Can't stop falling.
You see the stars,
They slowly fade.
You see the clouds,
They dissipate.
You fall through the sky,
The blue fades away.
You hit the ground,
Don't stop now.
Break through ground,
Flying by the roots.
Begin to see heat,
But no fire at your feet.
You gaze upon the devil,
It's still not your level.
You keep falling,
Into the abyss.
Falling falling falling,
Never stop falling.

A limerick by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’

A lofty dreamer, letting go of pretense,
realized all his friends thought him dense.
Put under by his shrink,
he let his defenses sink,
plunging through dense nonsense to essence.

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