Do The Work

In recent months (and really, this entire year) I have been a very busy man with a lot of different projects and personal goals set up. A lot of frustrations and pain alongside that too, because no goals are without struggles or mishaps. That said though, I've managed to effectively achieve almost everything I have … Continue reading Do The Work

On Emotions: Understanding via Introspection

A challenging part of human living is the area in which emotions arise. They can range from extremes of profound pleasure such as happiness, joy and contentment, to catastrophically painful states such as grief, depression and guilt. Some schools of thought consider emotions as states that are beyond our capacity to control and something we … Continue reading On Emotions: Understanding via Introspection

The Short Term Doesn’t Exist

Something I have recently heard in discussions is the dichotomy between the "short term" and "long term" goal mindsets; the idea that you can create goals across the span of a certain amount of time, with some of it being defined as "long", and other goals defined as "short". The distinction and where a goal … Continue reading The Short Term Doesn’t Exist