Caves of Qud

You arrive at the oasis-hamlet of Joppa, along the far rim of Moghra'yi, the Great Salt Desert. All around you, moisture farmers tend to groves of viridian watervine. There are huts wrought from rock salt and brinestalk. On the horizon, Qud's jungles strangle chrome steeples and rusted archways to the earth. Further and beyond, the … Continue reading Caves of Qud

My Time At Portia

Another recent gaming purchase of mine has been My Time At Portia, which is basically a life simulator similar to games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. Interestingly enough both this and my previous purchase, Genesis: Alpha One, were published by Team17. It seems they know how to pick good titles as, like Genesis, Portia … Continue reading My Time At Portia

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Note: this write-up is NOT spoiler free. Sekiro was a game I was greatly looking forward to playing after it was announced. It ticked all the right notes for me: dark fantasy infused with Japanese mythology and an 'alternate' history, fast paced and challenging combat, interesting story elements mixed with gameplay and developed by a … Continue reading Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice