I’m a very creative frog and a very efficient person.

My primary job is in teaching language and getting people to speak and think.

Through this, I also learn how to isolate people’s problems down to essentials, because I am a very, very good listener.

This page is for people who wish to consult me, whether it be in philosophy, life problems, advice, goal setting, etc. I am a trained counselor and qualified language teacher, but this is NOT a counseling service. This is a solution focused, advice giving service.

I will not sugar coat. I will focus on what the issues are with you, where you might not be doing so well, and how you can get to a better place.

I don’t want this to be a repeat service, either. I’m not interested in rotating clients and reliving problems over and over. I want you in with me, where we get down to the root, solve the problem, and get you living better.

If you consult me, I promise I will do whatever is in my power to get you to a better place.

Email Consultation – $30 USD

You can send me an email telling me what your problem is. I’ll read through it, and if I believe it’s something I can assist you with effectively, I’ll request payment and after the fact will reply with a detailed email on what to do. In emails, please be succinct about your problem and try not to be wish washy about it. Also, grammar.

1 Hour Video Consultation – $60 USD

This one is a hell of a lot more personal and covers a tonne of ground. I’ll get in touch with you via a video service, whether it be skype, discord, zoom, etc. and we can talk, at length about whatever it is you’re dealing with and try get to the bottom of it. Again, this is not mental health counseling, so while I’ll employ some counseling skills, I’ll be more direct about things with you and work on finding a solution – whether it be a philosophical/thinking problem, a way to deal with an external issue, techniques on managing stress, etc. If you’re looking for a solution to psychological problems, see a counselor.

Prior to doing this, email me the problem on a basic level, and I’ll let you know whether I can help you out with it or not. I’m upfront about my skill set – some things are beyond me. There’s also another factor – time zones. I’m in Japan, and I do work full time, so prior to getting into it all, we need to ensure that we can actually get in touch in a timely, comfy manner. Comfy is good.

Anyway, contact form down below. Feel free to email any time. I generally respond to all of them.

I wish you the very best,