Bad Romance

You’re out at a café, sipping on mostly burnt, but adequate, coffee that is “Arabica” type, which consciously you know the barista has no idea about. Nonetheless, you drink coffee and peacefully read your book about gardening or whatever it is you like. Then, he/she walks in. Going with she, because I’m a guy and … Continue reading Bad Romance

Frog’s Guide to Living Life

How to live a happy life. Considering my deep sense of empathy and compassion towards all living things, and in particular my fellow humans, I have decided to write a brief, fun and likely terrifying guide on how to live a happy life, condensed into a point based form so that you can take notes … Continue reading Frog’s Guide to Living Life

The Music

“Y’know, I’ve been thinking…what’s the point?” Greebs was staring out into the night sky, leaning back in his chair while the campfire snapped and gently lit the surrounding area. Jib had just sat down by the fire with his guitar when Greebs had blurted out that question. “..the hell you on about?” he asked. “I … Continue reading The Music

Learn to Experience Your Emotions

A few days ago, I was reminded of something in my personal life that brought about a sense of sadness. I recognized that there was a feeling there that came knocking on the proverbial door that is my awareness. So I sat down and spent some time meditating on it and experiencing the sensation that … Continue reading Learn to Experience Your Emotions

Holding Onto Emotions Is A Problem

For frequent readers, they've likely recognized that the recent theme behind a lot of my blog posts is about impermanence, mindfulness and how sensations aren't necessarily good or bad - they just are. Today might seem a little contradictory then, as I'll be writing about how there is such a thing as a negative emotional … Continue reading Holding Onto Emotions Is A Problem

Don’t Cling To What You Experience

During meditation and contemplation in general, I tend to consider the nature of the experience I am having and what sensations and thoughts come and go. Over time, as I've meditated more and more, I've learned to slowly separate myself from the experiences and be a "witness" to them. Not perfectly, mind you - and … Continue reading Don’t Cling To What You Experience

Pleasure Isn’t Good, and Pain Isn’t Bad

Sans the one two punch title, consider the meaning behind pleasure and pain. These two concepts or sensations are both synonymous, at least within modern thought, with good and bad respectively. Pain is "bad" for you, pleasure is "good" for you. The reasons are pretty clear: pain makes you feel bad, and pleasure makes you … Continue reading Pleasure Isn’t Good, and Pain Isn’t Bad

Self-Improvement or Self-Destruction?

I'm subscribed to an enormous amount of channels that are all aimed towards improving certain skills or learning about something new - whether it's in philosophy, psychology, dating, fitness, I've got a huge bunch of videos that I can go through on the daily in my off time. It's good stuff, but something that has … Continue reading Self-Improvement or Self-Destruction?