Singing Songs

Today’s blog post is a little different, in that I am actually posting some recordings of me singing along with songs I like. Lordy! Also as a note, I am planning another post which is more extensive in writing, so hopefully that’ll be up within the next week. Anyway.. As most of my close friends […]

Maximum Action

Now that my addiction to SpellForce 3 has mostly ended with the completion of its expansion, Soul Harvest (which, by the way, is also a spectacular game like the base), my time has been freed up to write more about things I have been doing, and while philosophy and ethics have taken a break from […]

SpellForce III

I haven’t been as active these past few weeks in my blogging because I’ve been busy with personal things, including things related to the book I published. However, the main thing keeping me away from writing has been the topic of this post – SpellForce III, a recent gaming purchase that ended up being a […]