The Echo

Seeing your face,

The movement and your eyes,

The way you speak and the smiles you make,

The words you say and the tone you take,

It reminds me of an echo,

From a long time ago,

A similar step in the walk you make.

The way you respond, the breath and the look,

The exasperated tone and the alluring hook,

Complexions of desire hidden behind a drink,

Thoughts of the echo and a sensual link.

But I know it ain’t her,

The look and the eyes,

Similar in colour, the hips, the thighs,

The attitude and challenge,

Connection in thought,

Echoes of a memory,

My mind all caught.

A pleasurable meeting,

An attraction shared,

A reminder of a day,

Where I was broken and scared.

But I ain’t there anymore,

In the well, on the floor.

I’m happier now, with someone, with more.

I see her echo in this girl,

But I don’t feel a thing,

It just makes me realize,

It was all just a fling.

A smile with a hook, great figure and eyes,

A love once lost that ran on lies.

A friendly person that I can know,

Who reminds me of a memory that I can throw.

A silent appreciation and a meeting that was fun,

Her echo as a reminder that she wasn’t “the one”.


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