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I just realized recently it’s been almost two months since my last blog post. I found that a little bewildering given how manic I can be about writing blog posts in general, but then I went back to doing whatever it was I was doing and not giving a shit.

That said, this morning during my walk, I decided I wanted to write a blog post. Not about any idea in particular, rather just updating on what’s been happening in my life. The past two months had a bunch of events actually.

To start, I got really busy around November with work, but also had a bunch of health shit that I had to deal with – a very rare occurrence for me.

I woke up one morning before work with chest pain. I had chest pain before, which I pointed towards my muscle, but on that particular day I woke up with chest pain that radiated into my left arm. The cardiologists in the room are now saying “I hope you went to the hospital” and you can be assured that I did, because I know what symptoms to look for if something big is going down.

Anyway, I’m here and alive, so clearly I didn’t die. I went to the cardiologist who was quite chilled out, especially given I don’t smoke, don’t drink, exercise regularly and am in excellent health overall, very rarely sick. We did end up doing a whole plethora of tests across the hour though: echograms, x-rays, blood tests, etc.

For the record, I haven’t been to a doctor in years. This was pretty wild to me overall with all these tests being done. Results came back and heart was totally fine – in fact, my blood work is fucking awesome, heart rate is great, blood pressure is great, everything. So doc concluded it’s probably some muscular tear or strain around my rib. I concurred with this and went back to work. A lovely day all round, and got me really obsessed with learning to analyze blood test results as well as studying about the immune system. White blood cell counts are my recent minor obsession and now I know what to look for in my tests. Cool stuff.

After all this, I ate peanuts during work, and my old filling cracked. This was about a week later or so, and the filling was like seventeen years old (and the only filling I’ve done without anesthetic, which I advise not doing unless you’re a moron like me), so whatever, let’s get it replaced. Went to my dentist who is probably the best dentist I’ve ever been to, and he checked – yup, we gotta put a new filling in, but more a crown because it’s a big filling.

Oh also, we did an x-ray and you have a big ass secret asshole cavity in the corner next to that tooth. Oh, right, two treatments across three visits then.

That was fun. Painless for the most part, but I hate doing impressions. That shit glues up into your upper mouth and it feels like it’s gluing your throat shut so you can’t breathe. The feeling is absolutely nightmarish, but it’s a one and done so whatever. So across November, I went to a cardiologist and a dentist, and made sure I was all good on health and teeth. Great.

Then I caught a cold for the first time in 3 years at the end of November during the start of a cold snap – which then developed across the weeks into a sinus and ear infection, so now I’m on antibiotics and coughed up blood for a while too because of the irritation of dry winter air and post nasal bacterial slime drip clogging my throat up in the morning, causing irritation and scratching of the throat. It’s not a lot of blood mind you, and I’ve had an x-ray to make sure it’s not something chesty, so no problem, probably.

I’m still on antibiotics now, and I was the sickest I’d been in about a decade. I didn’t miss sinusitis or middle ear infections. Pain in my ass. It’s weird to be on antibiotics too, like I said, it’s been like a decade or so since I’ve had anything like this. I blame the children I teach English to. They love jumping on me and playing games while simultaneously coughing Nurgle pox everywhere. I’m not mad though – we’re all giving each other the plague to train our immune systems. Also, the masks didn’t do fuckin’ anything to prevent any of this. Lots of people caught colds and got sick. Turns out paper on your mouth does nothing, and we have eyes that take in particles too.

All that said, I’m fine for the most part now. I can breathe through my nose and I still cough a bit, but a lot less. No more scratching of throat too, so far anyway. During this time my water boiler died, so I’m out of hot water in the winter until tomorrow (probably), which means I’m showering with a hot kettle and cold water mixes. I’m a poor man in mindset, so I know how to handle this. I think if I was some rich kid with no life experience I’d have a mental breakdown.

Personal life has been an event for the past two months. I’ve been to more doctors in two months than I have in the last nine years. What a ride! The positive is I got to see my blood work which is pristine, so however I’m living, it works very well. Healthy fucker.

But I’m fine. Apart from exercising a lot more (thank you VR), I’ve been busy in my free time playing through all of Piranha Bytes games over the past few months. It started with Elex and I was hooked from there – so Elex, Elex 2, the Risen trilogy, Gothic and currently I’m on Gothic 2. After that, Gothic 3 and I’m done with their library and may look to replay Elex.

Great developer. Lots of janky problems here and there but they’re masters of RPG gaming and world design. It’s made me love playing games again, which is refreshing. A lot to talk about all their games, but I can’t be bothered expressing that now. I have some sunlight to absorb.

Anyway, I’m done writing now. Doing fine. Surprisingly not super stressed. Have my frustrations in work, life and all that but whatever – I can deal with it.


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