Just Let It Burn

People deify things. Plenty of times I’ve mentioned it before – no God? Make one up.

Maybe it’s in the form of your favourite slimy scientist on YouTube or the oval office who sells you dumb pills to make the pain of knowing you hate yourself a numbing sensation instead of a burning, gaping hole which never goes away. It’s better to be numb than to face the fact that you’re not where you want to be – that takes like, energy and honesty and stuff.

Orrrr it’s the ideology of the day – feminism or spaghettidooda or some esoteric, ultra paleo ketogenic high sugar alpha male diet that gets your testosterone flaring and your heart exploding by the ripe old age of 21. Proudly brought to you by *insert name* organic meats.

It gets you going, gets you pumped. Maybe you follow a philosophy like a hyper autist, telling yourself it’s not a religion while flagellating yourself over not following it to a fuckin’ T. It says in the book that I should have self-esteem, but my raging hard on for rock music is destroying that. It gives you some fun meaning in the form of avoiding yourself completely through trying to be someone else.

But then there’s my favourite – esoteric old school tradcon “back in the day” whoopidooda cowboys who tell you the wife is the kitchen monster and the man is Steve from Minecraft, doing the dookdookdookdookdookdookdookdook pokOP sound on trees that he bashes with his blocky fists. It’s a real mans job and the wife ought to cook, clean, pop a baby out and keep the house together. It was better back in the day and the roles have to be proper good and nice.

It’s all deifying things. Making god out of things that make you feel like god. The big ego wanting something to suck off.

Not that it’s bad – it’s good to have some healthy ego. I’m really good at a few things – particularly fucking – but I’m pretty happy about it, I just don’t let it be the thing that holds the ship that is my life together.

I do these things because I have an interest in myself though. It’s important to me, and I really don’t give a shit if it’s not important to others. Not just this, but my lifestyle is also something I’m choosing to follow. It’s not some ideology, old school tradcon thought process or scientific whatever-the-fuck. It’s stuff that I’ve figured out over the short period of my life so far that I’ve been optimizing over time. Still learning, always am. I’m humble and bragging about being humble. Fuck.

This leads me to point towards the people out there – basically, fucking everyone on YouTube – who tells you that you have to be a certain way in order for society, culture, ‘the West” or whatever needs to survive.

It’s all the stuff I wrote about just above, and how it’s mostly bullshit. It’s all made up. Here’s a news flash folks: most of the crap I wrote about up there is nonsense written by someone else who wants you to be a certain way so they can get their dreams realized. They’re selling you shit.

You’re following the ideals of others to maximize their gain. It’s not your dream. Never was, still isn’t, and won’t be. Wake up, hi.

Now some people may object with genius quips like “But we follow in others footsteps!” and yes, jackass, we do. Not my point. My point is that if you haven’t done the due diligence to figure out what you want, try different things, fail and pick yourself back up, you’re not going to be able to figure out what you may want to follow or adapt into your life, while simultaneously dropping the stinky shitty parts of it. You take what’s useful, drop what isn’t.

For example, I want to have kids. Run a family. Get the kids to do my taxes. Classic tradcon whatever stuff, except it’s not, because it’s just elements of it instead of the whole shebang. I don’t like the tradcon route because it seems phony to me – it’s not my idea. I’ll take the part of kids and a house, but the other stuff I don’t really have much interest in, nor am I interested in “saving the West”, whatever the fuck that means. Does that mean I follow those ideas then?

No, I took parts of it, learned what I liked, dropped what I disliked. Simple. Same thing with philosophies, health, fitness, food, whatever. I pick and choose, I have that freedom. Guess what? You do too. You don’t have to follow the people yelling at you to do shit on YouTube – and to be perfectly frank, you’re all on your own anyway.

You’re alone. It’s your responsibility – and fault – that your life is the way it is. “Nah it’s my dad’s fault”, no it isn’t. You don’t control your dad like a muppet. External factors are not things you control. You control you and by extension your dealing with the things around you. Nothing more. Swallow this pill, or just give up.

Anyway, people telling you how to be are selling you ideas. Those ideas are meant to be analyzed and tested if you have some interest. They’re not meant to be swallowed whole from the get go – like the above, which I expect you to think on it. What are you, a toddler?

So, as mentioned above – take what you like, discard the rest. People giving you books, ideas and all this other stuff are selling you their own dreams and recruiting followers for their little cults – and you need to drop those dreams and let them burn. Especially the one about “saving the West”.

Is that nihilistic? No, it’s realistic. You’re not going to save the west, and conversely, the people telling you to stand up are telling you to save the west for their gain. They want you to take the frontlines because they stand to get something out of it.

I despise when people tell others what to do. I especially despise when people want you to fight their fights, and the “west” one in particular is a load of horse shit. You’ve got one life, and everyone expects you to use that life for their gain. Fuck off.

Let it burn, and let the recruiters actually do the fighting instead. No one is going to have your best interests, but you will have your best interests. Focus on that.

Back to deification – it’s not about finding some meaning in an ideology, but building the meaning in your own life that makes your existence worth something to you. Is that through having a family, playing music, writing, teaching, singing, gaming or whatever? You decide.

Figure it out. You have your own best interests in mind. No one else does, including me. I inherently sell you an idea by writing this, and I’d probably sleep with your girlfriend if she was hot enough. Tradcons, fems, whatever. If interested, do a taste test. Remove flavors you don’t like, keep flavors you like, adopt it, move on. Rinse repeat.

Build your life up the way you want it. You paint your own original pieces by taking inspiration, not by copying another piece. Your imitation might be skilled, but you’re fucking boring. Stop it.

Thanks for reading my dementia rant.



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