Small Talk

“It’s a sunny day isn’t it”

Yeah? So? What’s your point? Why are you telling me this? Is there a reason you’ve walked up to me while I’m reading an article and chimed in with your Buddha-like wisdom reminding me that a daily event like the fucking sun coming out and floating in the sky is a thing? Is it important? No? What’s the connecting layer behind your little quip? What kind of conversation are you trying to muster up with me when I’m clearly not looking at you and have complete and utter disinterest in communicating with you?

Was the tag question associated with some kind of purpose behind it? Are you trying to tell me that the sun, from now, is going to go supernova or turn into a red dwarf? Why is the sun important? Did it fuck your wife? Has it burned you? Did it assassinate someone? What? Why? Why are you talking to me? Jesus christ, do you know how stupid your comment is? Are you aware that language is used to convey something with purpose instead of just saying whatever empty, meaningless crap comes straight to mind? Are you even capable of generating enough cognitive energy to analyze whatever word-vomit you spew out to establish whether it’s actually worth saying? You’ve burned a calorie by saying whatever you’ve just said. That calorie has now lost its life over a meaningless statement that leads to nothing, all because you’re a selfish doofus who wants to say whatever comes to mind without considering it for a moment and wondering whether it has any meaning, rhyme or reason at all. You’re an asshole, I hate you, please don’t talk to me when I’m reading a fucking article and I hope you get hit by a bus.

“Yeah.” I replied.

I’m sleepy.


One thought on “Small Talk

  1. “Did the sun f*ck your wife” had me HOWLING laughing. You are amazing and when I get another job and have money (starting to forget what money is at this point) I will definitely financially support you xx


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