Abandoned King

A push for glory,

In pride he trusts,

Climbing and toiling,

Sharp edges and thrusts.

Blood is spilled on the stone floor tiles,

Friends are made for the promise of more.

Victories through battles, struggle and pain,

A man once invisible, now feared and vain.

Friendships lost with suspicions of betrayal,

Greed and lust carrying through the acts.

Envious of enemies and prideful of one’s wins,

Violence committed with no thought of sin.

Ages pass and slowly the body fails,

Scars begin to form, making the king frail.

Power is maintained but hollowness sets in,

Avarice and pride locking the kingdom down.

Winter sets in and so does the silence,

The deafening sound of the echoes of blood.

Thoughts of the past, the memories flooding in,

The snake biting its tail with no one to help.

The objects of desire, the lust and the greed,

Unable to hear a word he speaks.

The kingdom that was won, no longer even a glimmer,

All that was remembered was the fear that was wrought.

But the throne is now yours, the halls and the things,

Yet no one really knows about the abandoned king.

The fear and the cries, the echoes in the halls,

The swords, the fights, the tears, the wars.

All is now empty and void of any right,

The final breath of a king that finally sees the light.

Thank you.



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