Empty Words

Empty words on a summers day,

Helloes and goodbyes with nothing in between,

conversations were had but completely on mute,

A voice being used but with nothing being said.

The problems expressed with intention to connect,

The nodding of understanding met with vapid consent,

Confusions of value and intended depth,

Expectations of an ocean but only a puddle is given.

Yearning for soul, wit, merit and pleasure,

Met with plastic, all shine but no weight.

The whys, the hows, the what’s and the meanings,

Lost in a shower of rapidly faded feelings.

Summer days of bright skies,

radiant sunshine with hopeful eyes,

Gazes met with empty complexion,

A mind disconnected,

No passion,

Nor affection.

Summer days and glorious nights,

Potential for souls to share in plights,

Nothing but disappointment, discontentment,


A wandering thinker inside a lost age.

Empty words are all that matters,

Full of meaning in meaningless tatters,

Hello goodbye, how you been, that’s great,

Connections are hollow,

Real passion,

Risk great.

Summer evenings in the sunset eye,

Empty words with not a day gone by,

A beautiful night with God keeping company,

A prayer of hope,

Protection from sorrow.

Candlelit Sundays and graceful compassion,

Suffering in silence but with divine intention,

The loneliness, often painful,

But with torment kept at bay,

His grace and loving holiness,

Bringing hope each dark day.


Donations are appreciated. Bless.


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