Sincerest Apologies

A sorry for uncertainty,
Unwillingness and doubt,
Forgiveness given and benevolence shared,
To be human is to err.
An apology for forgetfulness,
Good days and events now lost,
Painful burdens that press down on me,
Willing to forgive and forge forward.
A guilty shrug and doubtful sigh,
Another apology goes on by,
The meaning of the word now fading away,
Depth of a drought and trust led astray.
A sorry for all the mistakes one made,
Yet no one’s there to accept the call,
Shock and sorrow at the injustice felt,
The shade of the moon showing the darkness of doubt.
A meaningless sound now echoes in the air,
Frustration abound as there is no more care,
The anger of injustice when the cause could not be clearer,
The one who hast sinned is staring right into the mirror.
An apology is a lesson where one must grow,
The mirror reflecting the souls warm glow,
But if one does not learn from the injustice caused,
The goodness of the world will begin to take pause.



5 thoughts on “Sincerest Apologies

      1. Thank you Janet. I’ve mostly recovered actually, just been in isolation for a little. Had a slew of disappointments recently, so that’s been my primary pain. I will be OK I think – temperance is a virtue after all. Thanks for the prayers.


      2. For what it’s worth, I think you’re an amazing writer.. it’s one of your many talents, I’m sure. I hope you get happy news to help balance the disappointment 😞


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