Fight, Fail….ahh do it later.

The topic of this post is largely what many people don’t actually do – including me (at least in my earlier years), though I’ve got a hell of a stubborn tolerance for failure nowadays.

We often fight a little, then after slight failure, we typically say we’ll try again some other day…only to never try it again. The hell do we do this for?

Well, some of it is because we like to be efficient, and being efficient means we want to be lazy. We naturally want to expend the smallest amount of energy possible in order to achieve results that we want. It could be in weight training, finance, dating, work, etc.

Basically, we all have little tricks and tips that we utilize in order to get the thing we want most. Want food? Ahh just buy takeout – saves time, more efficient. Want to work out? Ahh just do some quick push ups or “I’ll work out by walking around at work”. Dating? Ahhh just tinder it and swipe till I strike iron. Then maybe I’ll get something out of it.

Face it: humans tend to be really fuckin’ lazy, and it’s why we also tend to fall for dumb, lazy schemes like get rich quick crypto grifto dick heads on twitter, or believing the electrical stimulation ab machine will give you the hot beach body you saw on TV.

Reality paints a different picture though, and reality is the one that doesn’t lie – it tells you the truth.

You’re probably fat and either eat too much (thanks takeout) or don’t exercise enough.

You’re probably in debt because you buy the takeout and gave money to alphamalebtcwolf69 on twitter to look at your investment portfolio.

You’re probably not getting laid because you don’t take the time to learn game through failure and experience, but instead opt for quick swipes and pity sex from some random mental case.

In other words, you’re opting for the “efficient” route because you’re lazy – but it’s only efficient in the mindset of expending the least amount of energy with zero evaluation of standards, not in the mindset of getting what you want based on your actual standards.

I’m a very efficient guy – my student’s often say so, my friends say so, I say so. It’s pretty evident in the way I live and do my daily tasks, and the reason I am efficient is because I like to be lazy. I like to be able to go home and just sit on my couch, watching youtube videos on neuroscience and new Christopher Nolan films. Even writing new blog posts (it’s evening here, after work).

That said, my fundamental mindset behind efficiency is getting what I want to my standards.

I knew that in order to be healthy and achieve a certain physique, I needed to exercise regularly and eat well. This doesn’t mean cutting junk out, really – it just means mitigating it. So my routine is essentially extended fasting, cooking some quick and delicious meals, and focusing on hydration when in my fasting periods. I don’t watch for how long I’ve fasted (though it’s approx 18-19 hours) – it’s about as lazy as it gets, I just eat after I’ve done whatever work I needed to do – usually in the late afternoon – then stop when I am feeling satisfied.

I’m lean and in good shape. My workouts are usually 15-20 minutes long, but they’re things I enjoy and they get my heart and muscles pounding. Am I getting huge jacked man out of it? Nope, but I’m getting what I want – which is a lean and athletic body mixed with healthy eating.

All of this takes some work and time to get used to – building habits is a process. That said, it’s so efficient that I have loads of free time by the end of the day. My work schedule and budgeting are also in sync with my exercise, too – my workouts are placed in good spots around my schedule, while my cooking at home mindset completely obliterates bad spending habits. I also realize that I’m too lazy to go out and buy more food – I just cook whatever I have at home.

All of it blends together to create a very adaptable and efficient system. Time is saved, money is saved, fitness is improved, life is pretty good. There are things I have planned and things I wanna change, but I’m going at it step by step at the pace I can adequately handle.

And it’s all because I’m lazy as hell – but in the correct way of thinking about it.

I have my values in order and figured out how to get them in the most efficient way possible, based on my standards.

Likewise with dating, I’m seeing someone now and she’s great. It took a while to meet someone I actually like to have around consistently, but I optimized my method of meeting people based on my standards. That took time to learn how to do and it took many failed attempts as well – but the point is, I got what I wanted. I pursued it efficiently, and took time to learn game, to filter, etc.

All of it took work, but over time, you learn how to make it efficient and in line with how you want your life to be. I can’t tell you how much work you need to do to get what you want – that’s not possible, and it’s another reason why you should never listen to someone advising you in such a way – ESPECIALLY FINANCE PEOPLE. I can’t do the work some entrepreneurs do – not because they’re better or I’m better, but because that’s not what I want and that’s not to my standards.

Find some basic templates, then go from there and figure out what works for you (key point: for you), and filter out what doesn’t. That’s being pragmatic about your approach to getting what you want, and it’s helping you identify what is most optimal for you in the long term.

You just have to first start with that fundamental mindset switch. What do you want in your life and to what standards? If you want to build a harem, figure out what it takes to do so, and filter out what you don’t like about it. If you find it’s too much work, then maybe you were bullshitting yourself all along and never wanted it in the first place. You have to be honest with how much energy you’re willing to expend, and how much you actually want something.

Write it out. Ask what you want, to what standard, and go from there. You gotta do something though – there’s only so much pity sex you can take before the intense black pill mood sets in permanently. Change your fundamental mindset and ask yourself if it actually helps you.

Probably doesn’t. Get your shit together. No one else will do it for you.

Froggin’ out


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