Your Grindset is Stupid

Let’s talk about grindset.

What’s that?

Well, it’s basically referring to the “daily grind” of making bank, building wealth, etc.

Here’s the thing, there’s nothing wrong with any of those things.

You want to make bank? Then make bank. Just understand your reasons and values.

You want to build wealth? Then build it! Just understand your reasons and values.

But one of the things that “grinds” my gears is the fact that much of the reasoning behind such grind is empty and treats money as an end goal.

It also tends to push people into a position where they grind out cash in jobs they hate. I joke about this in my Sigma Male article. That’s a funny read.

As I mentioned above: there’s nothing wrong with making money, building wealth and enjoying financial freedom.

But you need to understand your reasons behind those things.

What are you doing it for? For who?

This is really important, because it acts as the justification behind whatever it is you decide to do.

It also helps you identify what is valuable and ensures you’re not wasting time.

I have the ability to get into some kinds of IT work, but working in IT makes me absolutely fucking miserable. Not all, but most.

Will I make more money compared to what I do now? Yes.

Will that help me retire faster in the future? Definitely.

But is that time worth using for that particular work?

I’d be waking up every day, hating the commute, disliking the people, not enjoying the work, and coming home knowing that I made more money.

I’ll just hope that once it’s over, “life will get better”.

The usage of my time is basically wasted on things I don’t like at all and are ultimately making me miserable.

I don’t really ascribe to the notion that we should only “pursue our passions” either. That’s a dangerous thing to do.

Sometimes, passions don’t give you a means to survive. You need money – it is important. Balance it with your passions.

But you need to learn to take inventory of what matters to you and establish a value hierarchy.

Some people live off very, very little and are living quite well.

Others need more because they want more. Totally fine.

But that understanding requires taking inventory, and when you take inventory, you get a better idea as to how much money you really need.

It also helps you understand what you should do and how, too.

My current work doesn’t make me a shitload of money. Most of my work is in the arts and language.

Would I like to make more money? Of course. It’d help me reach my long term goals faster.

But would I take a corporate position to do that? Fuck no.

I’d rather just write and teach. I’m more focused that way, and I’m not wasting my time.

I’m in my 30s now and have taken serious inventory. I know what matters to me at this point in time.

I know what I need and want.

But it’s easy to get focused on the grindset when so many around you are obsessed with it.

Money is good. It’s a physical representation of your time.

But you have to chase it purposefully. If there is no reason other than “get money”, you’ll be left with a pretty hollowed out body by the end of it.

Go get yours, but remember to get other things too.

If you make millions? Awesome. Happy to hear it.

If you make 40k? Awesome, if you’re content with your position and investing it well, happy to hear it.

The amount isn’t necessarily what matters. It’s whether it’s in line with what matters to you.

I get to meet a lot of people in my current career path.

I know people who make a LOT of money.

Simultaneously, I know people who make very little.

The most interesting people are the ones interested in their work.

They don’t grind for the cash, they earn it through their work.

Learn to earn money through things that stimulate you.

Don’t grind for the sake of it.



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