Advice Giving on the Cheap


Quick note.

I’ve made a page on my website called “Amphibian Advisor”, you can check it out here. It’s also on the top of this page in the menu.

What’s the point of it? Well, I write a lot and have tons of energy to do so.

I’ve had people message me saying I’ve helped em out, which is good to hear. Privately I’ve helped some people, too.

I want to try to increase that, so I’m running an experiment.

Send me a $5 tip (or more if you want), as well as a question or problem, and I’ll privately consult you on it for cheap. Don’t expect detailed file reports or anything like that. This isn’t some counseling session.

But it is honest, and likely practical. I was told I’m good at advising and pinpointing problems, so let’s try make a little bit of coffee money on that and make something of it. You get some honesty, I get a bit of money to stash away. A win win.

If you read my work, you can probably get a good read on how I think and see things.

Anyway, that’s all for today’s post. Like, share, retweet – you do you. Send a Q any time.


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