Trust Your Gut

Trust your gut.

That’s the post.

Not just that, but trust what you see.

This is a blog post mainly in reference to situations where you feel something is off, or you’re trying to get a good read on what exactly is going on, particularly in the social realm.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they do not trust what they see and do not contemplate it, either. It is often the case that the benefit of the doubt is given in lieu of others saying “this person is fine, dw about it bro”.

No. Do not listen to that. Fuck that.

Here’s the thing: every time I have trusted in what I felt in my gut, I was bang on. The fact of me being correct may be revealed quickly or much later, but it always comes out that I was right not to trust or associate with that person. I have a good bullshit detector.

However, every time I have ignored that gut feeling and simply gone with the flow of things, my anxiety, fears and other things escalated. My body was reacting.

Not just that, but it always came out one way or the other that I had made a significant error by not trusting in that. I’ve had this happen when looking for new work, in romantic relationships, in name it.

Lesson learned: trust what your body is telling you. Trust your gut and what you see.

When we look at people, we are getting tonnes of information – and lots of the things we see aren’t things we perceive consciously. There are subtleties that come on through – whether it be in body language, doe eyed psycho killer eyes, weird vocal tone – that shit is real, and you should damn well pay attention to it.

Believe what you see and trust in that feeling. When you feel it, think about why, and cease association with whoever the hell gave you that feeling.

Not just this, but for whatever god awful reason people also ignore very obvious signs that something is not right in the head with people.

It’s like someone is telling you that their hero is Jeffrey Dahmer. They also have an online avatar of Jeffrey Dahmer. They also dress like Jeffrey Dahmer, and sympathize with Jeffrey Dahmer. They also understand Dahmer’s reasoning for eating chunky woman soup.

They laugh about it, shrug, and say “we’re all different”.

Chances are, that guy is probably a fucking psycho in the making.

That’s an overt example, but the point stands: listen to what people say. Read what they write. It’s quite likely that what they say is descriptive of who they are, and to quote someone I quite respect, when people show you who they really are, believe them.

Trust your damn gut, and associate only those who not only say good things, but practice it, too. What you see is what you get. Remember it.




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