Five Signs You’re a Sigma Male

Let’s talk about Sigma Males.

This is probably my most important post on this blog. Likely far more important than the deification problem, wherein I talk about people latching onto ideologies as a new god, or even about not caring what you call yourself, because it ultimately doesn’t matter.

No, today is about the vital signs to look for, in yourself, to confirm that you are indeed a Sigma Male.

Let’s talk about what a Sigma Male is though.

It’s hard to define honestly. Sigma males are like Alphas, but lonely. They’re the top of the food chain, but there is technically no food chain, because Sigma’s don’t follow chains.

It’s basically a top tier man that’s not on the tier list. He’s not S rank for SSSmokin’ Sexy Style like in Devil May Cry 5, he’s S rank in a Sigma Stylin’ Sigma..guy kind of way.

You won’t get it if you’re not a Sigma Male. But if I put it in the philosophical sense – Sigma’s are the noumenal males. They’re there, but you can never know they’re there unless you’re them. Can’t wrap your fuckin’ head around that? Then you ain’t one.

Anyway, let’s talk about the Top 5 signs that you can label yourself as a Sigma Male:

Number OnE – You’re Lonely

Or rather, that’s what people who don’t get it call it. Sigma’s are “lone wolves” in the sense that they don’t follow the pack. When people run away from the tsunami, Sigma’s walk towards it, because they know that there’s safety behind the tsunami. Usually this kills the male, but Sigma’s grind it out – or in this case, swim and drown.

They don’t follow what others do. Instead of investing in ETF’s, they invest in NFT’s, because they know that it’s where the cash is. Other people don’t. They just right click.

NuMbER TwO – Women Are Drawn To You

People like to think that Sigma’s are really just weirdos that can’t socialize, and in particular they’re terrible in the dating game.

On the contrary, Sigma’s are irresistible to women. Their natural leadership skills of one and hyper independent stature draws women in naturally. The problem is, women are so shy about approaching Sigma’s that they pretend like they’re not interested, in the hope of attracting him. The paradox is that Sigma’s don’t approach, they go it alone – so nothing ever happens.

But nonetheless, irresistible. If you notice women completely ignoring you, then you might actually be a Sigma.

NuMbEr Threee – They Hate Mega Man X

Mega Man X is a much loved platformer which is largely touted as one of and if not the best game ever made. Its game design, flow, progression, platforming, music and visuals are practically flawless. Sigma’s know that it’s actually one of the worst games, because the reality is, X is the antagonist.

If you know why, then maybe..

No. 4ooour – You Relate to Patrick Bateman

You have all the characteristics of a human being: blood, flesh, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust. Something horrible is happening inside of you and you don’t know why. Your nightly bloodlust has overflown into your days. You feel lethal, on the verge of frenzy. You think your mask of sanity is about to slip.

No. 5 – You Enjoy the Grind

The daily grind of wake up, sit at job you hate, grind out your work for money, go home, drink yourself to sleep, and repeat, only to temporarily dwell in the notion that your life is a waste and you’re not really doing what you want to do because you’ve associated yourself with a label that means nothing and is anti-conceptual in every stretch of the imagination but it keeps you functioning and rationalizing the belief that someday, you’ll be happy and grind for the money, the prestige and the investment into NFTs makes you feel alive. And you know it’ll never stop.

Anyway, if you find yourself agreeing with any of this, you might be a Sigma male, and that’s really what matters in life.

Grindset for life.

I miss my wife.




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