Passive People Inc.

Welcome to Passivealia!
Where your freedom is all woke.
The people are so passive,
They can’t tell if it’s a joke.

The land is wide and natural,
young and girt by sea,
but living in the actual?
You’re gonna pay a fee.

Come on over come on over,
tourist spots abound!
Lots of masks, cops and dogs,
attractions all around!

Don’t get mad,
that’s so bad!
Your objections are illegal.
Have some care,
for the barren and bare,
but save it just for them.

You can’t do this, or those or that,
just wear a mask, don’t push, don’t pat,
don’t talk don’t breathe don’t sing don’t dance,
did you just cough? Please don’t, I’m fat!

Comply, understand, it’s all for your sake,
you won’t get sick, here’s money, just take.

No pride, just shame, and if you spread it you’re to blame;
Productivity is passive and accepting fear is massive.
Self esteem is for the mind, not at all for the blind.
Honesty is really real, we really promise, just feely feel!
Reality is for fakers mate, and you always seem to take our bait.
Independence is a scammers game, just depend on us, it’s the path to fame!
Integrity is a sign of a thoughtful mind, shh, here’s cash, keep you out of the bind.
You don’t need virtues, that’s old, not nice. We promise we won’t hurt you, just hold! Like a vice.

So keep on nodding, mask on face, we promise – with prodding – you’ll win this race.

Just don’t start thinking, that’s really bad, because if you just stop drinking,
you’ll surely go mad.


Support my work and message. Many thanks.


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