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The Tale Of Nagi and Nami

A Tale In Search Of The Other. All Paintings By Me.

Once upon a time, long before the coming of humanity, there existed celestial beings that trailed across the endless starlight, exploring the cosmos and building giant pillars across the sky.

These beings were few, but immensely radiant – supernovae in the eyes of a human. These beings went across the infinite universe and painted all manner of things: planets, meteors, black holes and even life.

There was one particular being among them named Nagi. He shone brightest among all the other celestials and brushed across the skyline with brilliant fire and passion. This was fueled by another being: Nami, who flew alongside Nagi, taming his roaring fire so that it does not burn things down, but bring controlled, brilliant fire to the universe.

Nagi and Nami were inseparable, and witnessed the most brilliant of exploding stars, the darkest of black holes, and lay side by side on what we call the Orion’s belt, on its celestial shores of vast and rich colours, painting the universe with their brilliant flame and water together.

Nagi and Nami – Vedran Markovic 2021

Eons passed and the universe expanded, with Nagi and Nami at the forefront of its wondrous, cosmic canvas. But one day, Nagi had burned too bright, and too far. His passionate flames roared across the skies and brought fire to galaxies, but Nami was not able to contain his intense fire. In the event, Nami fell into the bright flashes of creation and seemingly vanished.

Nagi desperately searched for Nami. He flew across the shores of Orion, scoured the corners of bright stars and titanic nebulae. He used his flames to light the way across the galaxy, searching far and wide for Nami. Eons and eons passed, and Nagi was unable to find her.

Distraught, Nagi’s flame began to wane. The universe began to lose its light as the passion of Nagi was slowly snuffed out. Torment had consumed him and with it, the progress of the canvas that was the cosmos.

As time passed, flames would only come and go, sometimes with creation following, or utter desolation. The fires of Nagi remained in the cosmos but were uncontrolled and unstable – sometimes they would provide the means for the cosmos to prosper, other times its raging flames would consume and destroy everything within its reach.

The legend is that it is a sign of Nagi continuing his search for Nami, somewhere in the cosmos. For every raging fire that comes, grief consumes his lonely heart as he is unable to find his other half, in longing frustration and pain. When the fires burn and bring life, it is Nagi’s renewed sense of purpose and focus to find her again. Order and chaos are the echoes of Nagi’s grieving, but unyielding, heart.

Humans are in some sense the descendants of these ancient beings. They are the living, colourful drops off the paintbrush of Gods, painted into the universe to bring forth their own radiant colours in the form of art, beauty, music, and love.

The Music – Vedran Markovic 2021

They also inherit much of what made the celestials move so brilliantly across what we see as the stars now. The ability to produce roaring, passionate flames, or destroy with chaotic, destructive force.

This inheritance also comes with the yearning of Nagi – the yearning to find one’s other half. Their complementary element, the water to their fire.

Sometimes, this yearning is overwhelming – the endless search for a “something” – a seemingly unknowable purpose that is right within reach but completely without comprehension. A feeling of incompletion and a lack of satiety.

But that is part of what makes humans the most brilliant of all brush strokes in the cosmos.

The echoing of Nagi can be overbearing, but that roaring flame, if controlled, brings forth the brightest of things – the tallest buildings, the most wonderful paintings that make the heart sing, music that opens the wounds and soothes the pains, words that rip apart the soul only to put it back together again..

The endless search for the “other” is what creates an endless stream of achievements across humanity. It is often painful, and much like Nagi that flame may begin to wane and extinguish, but something, somewhere – reignites that flame again to continue the search for Nami.

Perhaps Nami didn’t vanish, but became a part of the cosmos itself – the rain that cascades across the universe when the fires burn too bright. And perhaps that is what humans, and the search for love, is – the search for a fire that one can gently cool with their loving rain; or the search for a wonderful storm that will help focus and fuel one’s flames.

I’ll Find You Again – Vedran Markovic

Everyone searches for their Nami or Nagi, but on that journey it’s important to control their passion and focus it – and maybe that’s what one needs to do to – to create a shining beacon that reveals one to the other.

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