Starlight Souls

Sailing off into sunless seas

Witnessing stars of endless twilight

Searching for a soul from long ago

Sunken down into a long sailed past

Silent splashes of the rainwater fallen

Teardrops alone in an ocean without you

Stars up above in arms reach

Touched by a hand yearning for yours

Sharing the twilight that reflects in water

Reflections of memories where two hands clasped

An endless sky beyond a light encrusted rain

Glaring in silence

Wondering where you are

The boat silently rocks

Silent and patient

Infinity in reach with an empty sensation

A canvas of a world where a painter can dream

Weave waters together with an artful touch

Bringing forth stars to the hands of men

Clasping at lights to enchant life

Inspiring and touching

Yet emptying and hollowed

Sailing off into sunless seas

Painting with stars of endless twilight

A canvas rich with potential and pride

But a brush unable to paint you

Sunken past

The soul I lost.


Thank you


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