Quality Appearance Requires Quality Investment

As some of my closer friends know, I have recently moved over to a new city and with it, a new job! It’s been a ride so far, because doing all the moving paperwork and physical labor, but in Japanese, is like doing pushups with three chimpanzees ook ooking your back with their fists. It’s a mental and physical work out, but the struggle, as always, builds resilience and power.

Anyway, that’s not the point of today’s topic – today’s topic is about investment. Let’s start with an example:

Do you invest or maintain something in your life? Perhaps you’re a 420 MLG gamer and have a custom built, water cooled high end PC, and you ensure it’s well optimized and consistent in its thermals. I guess you maintain it pretty actively.

Or maybe you invest heavily in your work – you’re a trail blazer and do 110% of the work 150% of the time and have built the reputation to show that you’re A+ tier in your field. Great! I do that a lot.

These examples – both in different contexts of life – are things people invest in. They invest a fair amount of time into them, and then there’s of course the great example of physical exercise. I have some good friends who are personal trainers, and one is a professional body builder back from my homeland – the Mad Max prison colony of Straya – and the amount of time and investment he puts into his nutrition and his workouts is quite frankly insane.

All of it is a quality amount of investment that pays dividends, and it really shows its results. It ultimately goes back to investing in oneself , but my contention lies in the fact that many people I’ve met are heavily invested in one aspect of their lives, ie. a hobby, but they’re completely worthless and lacking in investment when it comes to their physical appearance, especially guys. They are kings in the field of X, but bums in the field of mirrors and reflections.

My question is why?

Here’s the thing: physical appearance matters. Yes, people see how you dress and look, but it matters primarily because the person who always sees you first is you. Why would you not want to look your best or just good in general, every day?

It has a profound effect on your confidence. When you put time into yourself, ie. getting a solid haircut, dressing well, smelling good, buying good shoes (SERIOUSLY DO THIS), you’re the first to notice it, and while at first it may be a little jarring looking at yourself in the mirror when you’re all jazzed up – the fact is, you’re doing it for you. It’s about giving yourself the best appearance so when you look in the mirror you’re able to say you’re a hot piece of ass.

This isn’t so much of a problem for women, I find. Most ladies, at least in my location, dress and look fabulous. They put on nice make up, accessories, cute shoes, etc. They look great, and mega attractive. Girls are more aware of their physical appearance and looking beautiful.

But guys? Jesus christ. I’m talking to my past self here, too. Shitty and unkempt hair, ragged jeans, worn out shoes, unkempt beard, the works. Why do you want to dress like a bum? How does that inspire or reflect any kind of confidence whatsoever?

It’s particularly interesting in the dating game when guys appearance game is weak as piss, too. You realize the man-cave ideal and “rugged” (code word for lazy and messy) doesn’t exactly look great, right? You can be “rugged” but in a quality way – trim your fucking beard properly, stay in shape, wear fitted clothes, have a clean but messy style of hair – keep it sharp, dark and groomed. Stylize, god damnit.

I’m also aware that it costs money – but truly, why would you not use that money on the most important person in the world? The fuck is wrong with you? You’d rather spend $100 on microtransactions instead of a nice new set of fitted clothing, a good haircut and a decent beard trimmer? Really?!

Quality appearance requires quality investment. Recently, I spent a fair bit on myself – new clothes, new accessories, new shoes, fragrances, etc. I feel and look amazing, and I know I do. Not just that, but it aligns with my slimmer physique given my workout routines and fat loss. It’s a wardrobe reset that is necessary. Baggy clothes look shit, and I don’t want to look shit.

I have zero regrets investing the cash for it all. None. It has benefited me greatly, both mentally and socially.

Your appearance is not about other people primarily – it’s about you and how you appear to yourself. Be a king in your field, but dress like a god damned king (or queen) too. It’ll pay off. The microtransactions for your video games will not.

Put your money where it matters – you. Peace.

Pay a king



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2 thoughts on “Quality Appearance Requires Quality Investment

  1. Omg yes. Yes 1000 times!!! I really needed to hear this, Mr Frog. I invest my time and money into my husband and friends but when it comes to myself, I look like sh*t. I feel that way when I see myself, too. I need to lose weight (legit, I’m sooo fat!!!) and INVEST in gym time and healthy food. I need to do it for ME. Love this blog xx


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