Yes I Am Arrogant, And That’s Great!

(Slightly) long time no post, barring the raunchy poems I’ve been writing right before bed. I’ve been moving to an entirely new city and starting up a new job, so I’ve been a rather busy frog. Nonetheless, everything is pretty much set in stone now and I can continue writing in between bouts of good work, good food, good exercise and a LOT of nice looking women. For real this new location is a hub of just hot stuff. It’s great!

Anyway, here’s a question for you to think about.

Have you ever been called arrogant?

Maybe it wasn’t the word “arrogant”, but it could be in its various forms that all lead to the same meaning. ie, “stuck up”, “know it all”, “superior”, “try hard”, etc.

Well, if you have been called any of these things, then congratulations! There is a good chance that it means you’re better than that person and they’re rather pissed off at you because of it.

Let’s delve into it.

I’ve had the great displeasure in my life of being called arrogant by people before. At the time I was much younger and a lot dumber, and given those people were rather close to me too, I took the comment to heart quite seriously and started to actually doubt my capability. I didn’t really consider the statement and what evidence led to that statement being true. I trusted these people, took it as is, and then it promptly proceeded to “humble” me, or something like that.

This ended up actually hamstringing my own progress and trajectory of success (which, so far, has been rather excellent). It ended up doing something psychologically, which was it opened the gates of judgement up and made me consider how I was faring against other people. In other words, it made me very conscious about how my actions, behaviour and success would affect other people.

This is a really fucking bad thing, too. How other people feel about you is never your problem unless you make it a problem, and I’ve discussed this at length in other posts – so essentially, the moment I took in the “arrogant” complaint from these people, I had effectively chosen to slice my own hamstrings and thwart my progression in life to a tremendous degree.

The reality is, the comment of “arrogance” was never really about me being a stuck up prick or whatever, either. It came from a place of envy – and envy, if mismanaged, is a very nasty bastard indeed. The harsh reality was that at the time, I was in a place of abundance, success and high self esteem, and notably, the people who were falling behind – aka, losers – were the ones trying to pull me down.

Here’s a new question.

Have you ever noticed that the people who call you arrogant don’t do as well as you? Really consider this.

Consider how people act as if you’re high and mighty when you decide to get fit, look better, dress better, walk like a God, manage money better, get more opportunity.

Consider the people who look “down” on you, and the people who give you the thumbs up and say “great, keep at it and do even better”.

One thing that I’ve observed is that the people who lift me up and push me are people who are also successful or focused on building their own lives. Conversely, the people who tell me I’m stuck up are – to put it rather bluntly – complete losers.

They do nothing. They fail at their prospects. They don’t care for their bodies or what goes into their minds. Usually, they’re lazy or incapable of keeping up with you – and instead of admiring and motivating themselves, they decide to try to pull you down to their level, the first comment being “ugh, look at you all stuck up, like you have a superiority complex!”.

Well..yeah, I do, actually. I’m quite a fair bit superior, and it’s evident in the fact that my life is going very well, and yours is in the shit. That’s the mindset you need in regards to people who do this to you.

The next thing you need to do as well is to drop those people from your life, because they are a waste of time. If someone aims to drag you to their level or claims you’re “not that smart” or “not that good looking”, practice amused mastery – laugh at it, give them the thumbs up, then move on with your life and hang around winners.

The reality is, there are winners and losers. This isn’t set in stone – you choose to be one of them.

A great person is someone who chooses to stop losing – someone who decides “fuck this” and begins moving in a direction where their life drastically improves. Other great people will not bring those people down – they will reach out and say “welcome to living a great life, keep going”. A winner is a man who takes responsibility and control over his life – he is the chooser of his destiny.

A loser is someone who doesn’t acknowledge, or take responsibility for their own pathetic state. They refuse to see that their failures are their own, and when they see others reaching for the sun, they try to claw at them to bring them down into the pit.

It’s a choice, not fate, and just like that fundamental choice, winners should not grant losers the ability to ever bring them down.

So the next time someone calls you “arrogant”, think on it for a second – do you talk a big game and pretend you’re a hot shot? If so, maybe there’s something there you need to work on.

But I guarantee that 90% of the time, it’s going to be someone who is envious of your radiant capability trying to drag you down to their level. When this happens, laugh it off and accept that, yep, I am arrogant, and I damn well earned that label.


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