Watercolor Hands

Fade and feel into my shadow
Under the twisted moonlit night
Fiery feet and passionate gaze
Sizzles in the skin and beat in the throat
Lips in tune to the rhythm of a kiss
Breathing in a soulful scent
Breathing out an explosive star
Pushing and pulling against the currents
Violent lovers and sunrise smiles
Everything given and peace of mind
Clasped hands and pulled hair
Infinite moments among impermanent gasps
Musical crescendos in a silent room
Twilight skin reflecting the sky
Smiles and glares in peaceful embrace
Painted skin and watercolor texture
wrap around sheets and entangled bodies
Momentary breaths into peaceful slumber
Fade and feel into the dream
Under the twisted skin embrace
Cooled complexion and passionate grasp
Wait till sunrise
Smile and dance.

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