Embers and Rain

Rain drops falling
ashes and embers cool
shadows of a past
Of a boy once a fool
Sitting under the star struck skies
Reflecting the memory of her eyes
Rain drops soaking the painted plains
Washing away all of my darkened pains.
In the midst of faded flames and embers
Among the past failures and disasters
The rain drops of endless tears
tornadoes of torturous loss
A man, once a boy, sits among it all.
Letting go
A reignited, flaming soul once on the verge
shining and growing, burning and brimming.
Tragedy surrounds him
Past transgressions and painful breaks
Holes in the heart never forgotten
images of a smile etched into the mind
soft, twilight touched glint in the eyes,
beauty and grace, elegant in motion,
memories and reminders of what was lost.
Plains of peaceful embers remain,
A man begins to stand,
among all that was, he remains tall and moves forward,
in unfortunate solitude but quiet confidence,
scarred, bruised, battered but strong.
He goes alone, into the grand expanse,
the freedom to be how he desires,
searching and wondering in the midst of conquering,
whether ones memories can ever be seen again,
reality made whole,
the twilight glint in the eyes, the never forgotten smile.
Perhaps when the rain finally clears,
the clarity of a brilliant sun will bring to light the radiance of one like her.
Forward, into the expanse.


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