Life is Hard And I Don’t Care

Sometimes when I am awake and aware of the existence of other living organisms beneath me – I’m talking about humans – I decide that it may be in my interest to converse with them on their level and not from atop my condescending slime throne of frog. So, I hop on down and communicate with them directly, getting to know them and realize that I actually quite like humans, particularly the female variety, ones passionate about yoga especially.

Jokes aside, I speak with a lot of people in my life, both online and off. I consider myself fairly experienced in the social realm now, although there is always more to learn and more room to grow. Trust me, we’re all a bit socially idiotic in our own ways, but that’s part of what makes us all interesting.

I enjoy speaking with people a lot. I like to learn about people’s life stories and listen very intently on understanding others perspectives. It’s a virtuous mindset I think, to be able to listen in and understand someone’s point of view, even if I may disagree with it – 90% of the time I probably disagree. But nonetheless, it’s enjoyable. Other people are cool!

However, I don’t really care if life is hard and you tell me it’s hard.

I really, really don’t care. This in particular is one of the things I don’t like to hear, to be completely frank. What do I mean? Well..

Recently, I’ve observed commentary and talks about the difficulties of someone’s life or the difficulties in achieving certain goals. It’s not necessarily a descriptive statement of “holy shit deadlifting kills my back but whatever” or “man, it’s tough finding a nice partner!” that annoys me, it’s the :

“Well lifting screws your joints up and you really have to learn how to do it from a professional, which is a lot of money and something I don’t have”

or “Yeah I want a cute girlfriend, but you have to be good looking and making six figures, which are the only guys valuable to girls anyway” kind of bullshit that annoys me.

Read those sentences. I made them up, but they are based off actual things I have heard being vomited out numerous times. Really analyze what they are saying.

The first one acknowledges the fact that lifting is hard. Correct, it is! Especially when you start! But it goes further than that – it goes into reasons why you shouldn’t lift and justifies not taking any actions to do such a thing.

The second one on some level acknowledges that you have to have value if you want to get yourself a cute girlfriend. This isn’t a lie; grow the fuck up and be a man that other men want to be – there is competition and you’re not doing well. But the rest of it justifies staying an amorphous blob of stagnant garbage by coming up with absurd reasons as to why it just can’t be done.

It’s all bullshit, and these are the things that really grind my gears when people say them to me. It’s a mindset of complete defeatism and, let’s face it, astonishing laziness. It’s a stagnant, lazy dreamer that wishes they were one way, then proceeds to justify why they can’t be that way, then goes online and bitches about how all women suck, or lifters are losers or whatever other nonsense bullshit they concoct to justify their terrible self worth.

It genuinely drives me nuts – not because I have disdain for humans, but because you are a loser by choice, and I don’t want you to choose that path.

That’s right, you’re a loser by choice. You choose to lose.

If there is something that interests you, go fail a few million times and try and get it. If you have interest in women or whatever, go get rejected and fail a few million times, trying to get it and working on yourself, wherever your deficit may be. There is this unbelievably stupid notion that somehow failing is a bad thing. It’s not, failing is a stepping stone to success, because failure is where you learn your greatest lessons. It is a tool for learning, not for justifying stagnation.

Life is difficult. The pursuit of good things in life can be very difficult. This will never change regardless of how much you want to justify it with your rationalistic crap. But as I’ve written before, you must learn to enjoy those struggles because that’s what life, growth and happiness are all about.

So my point here is, no – I genuinely do not care if you tell me that life is hard. I fucking know that already. Everyone has been through some shit – but only the losers stay in the shit and willingly refuse to transcend it.

You’re capable of much more than what you think, and tomorrow is your greatest enemy. Start changing now, and quit stagnating. Choose to be a winner, and recognize that winners always struggle, losers avoid it.

Go lift and earn your cute girlfriend, god damnit!


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