The Rational Coward

Mmm, provocative titles. I can feel the collective movement of eyebrows being raised at the prospect of what on Earth I am on about when I title my article “The Rational Coward”.

On the contrary, it is not targeting any one in particular, or any movement for that matter. It’s actually more a critique on something that is observable nowadays everywhere you go – that being the incessant professional rational overlords professing their knowledge and smarty smarts, and yet their actions are..well, sitting and criticizing, and completely lacking in any life experience.

Allow me to explain.

There are many people out there that are very intelligent, and can rightly be considered rational. They’re attuned to the fact that reality is a thing (and if you think it’s not, place hand on stove and let me know how that goes) and are indeed what I consider “good” thinkers. They know how to construct sentences well, concretize ideas, think in an integrated way – also a sign of a creative mind – and are overall quite solid in the head.

But, they’re also practically useless, because they basically do nothing with their minds. Ie, they talk the talk, but never walk the walk.

This is a common observation. There are many, many people who have a gigantic mouth but have zero life experience or are completely risk averse. You’ll see it in every movement or system imaginable – from big boy protests and political parties to tiny communities, you’ve always got a bunch of people in it who give the big leader the time of day to think and act, while they follow or sit back in their chairs, get fat and yell “YEEAHH!” when their king does something cool, like dabs on television.

I mean, sure it feels good when “your guy” does something neato, but you’re not actually doing anything. Likewise, when you give a passionate critique about something and tell someone how they ought to live and function, you sure as fuck better be walking that walk, too. Otherwise, fuck off.

That’s basically it. Fuck off. Go do your own living, take your own risks, build your knowledge via lived experience, then get back to me and tell me how “right” you are. Then I will listen to you, 18 year old life coach guy.

The harsh truth is that the internet, while amazing, also gives talky talk cowards the freedom to talky talk a lot more than they ever would, thus validating their meager existence through an ultimately meaningless approval system, aka the sweet, empty embrace of “likes” and “retweets”. It’s not bad at all that people can express themselves more than ever before – in fact that is an amazing thing – but it also provides a false perception of how people really are.

Let’s think about this. Authenticity comes from the fact that when you talk about problems or make a critique, you come at it from experience, thorough observation and thought. If you lack experience, you end up being hyper-idealistic to the point of complete lack of realism. When you don’t observe enough via experience, you only go off limited context and understanding behind situations/scenarios. Finally, if you don’t think about things enough, you end up having a simplified idea as to what’s going on.

Observation, experience and thought need to go together. That’s how integration and good ideas come through. It is through our living that we learn, and it is through our observation and thinking that we learn to understand what “good” living is – good in quotes because it depends on an individuals values and needs.

When I write about the “rational” coward, I focus on the people who are genuinely very intelligent but do nothing in their own lives to expand upon and really maximize their intelligence/power; that or they hide behind anonymous veneers of bullshit. They’re risk averse children who think they know everything but in reality, they don’t. Much of this is stems from the fear of judgement, conflict, etc. And I know that because I was that. I experienced it and then took risks to understand it, and lo and behold, I am largely not like that anymore, particularly because I understood that no matter what, I am always going to be judged. Contrary to what people perceive of me, I am still a human being and have very human reactions to things, ie. I honestly don’t really like conflict – but I sure as hell will push myself into it to make a damn point or knock a fucker out if he takes my cake. I know that it is also a good thing in many, many respects.

I find this to largely be a male driven problem, too. Which is really bizarre, because aren’t men supposed to be the “strong” sex? Where the hell is your strength, courage and integrity? Do you lift, bro? Where are your traps? God damnit!

My point is, that people need to take more risks and learn to not just think, but act. You can perceive yourself to be the most intelligent, rational, brilliant, genius person alive, but if only your mum knows that, then no one fucking cares, and you need to prove yourself, too. Your capacity for brilliance is only exemplified in the results you get, not in the thought you have, because thoughts and ideas are completely useless when they are never tethered to what’s in front of you – reality.

So quit it with the chase for more likes and retweets, while simultaneously doing nothing. If you feel miserable, it’s because on some level, you know you’re a lazy or frightened child that doesn’t actually do anything. The likes and retweets are ultimately meaningless. Your critiques and passionate coaching advice at the age of “I just finished High School” are worthless. Grow the fuck up.

Again, I refer back to the very real point that you have limited time in your life. You don’t get refunds on time spent – use it to live, take risks and become a real rational warrior and turn into something that you can respect. Don’t hide behind veneers. Be better.


Alright, that’s all from me today. I have shit to do now. Love u bye.



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