Memories in Shadows

A world of wonder for me to explore,
Yet regardless of one’s yonder,
You are here no more.
Shadows remind me of you and I,
The memories of you in the tears of my eye.
The droplets tell a story,
Each fruitful and true,
Ripples in an ocean,
That no longer has you.
But however I am reminded,
of the times that we had,
I am at peace with what is,
and no longer go mad.
My heart may have been broken,
But time heals all,
The door remains open,
Forever and ever more.
The memories are reminders,
Of what life could be,
And for that truth alone,
You’ll always be with me.

The door to my heart will always be open to you.

Vedran Denny “Frog” Markovic, 2020

Have a happy new year 🙂

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