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Singing Songs

Today’s blog post is a little different, in that I am actually posting some recordings of me singing along with songs I like. Lordy! Also as a note, I am planning another post which is more extensive in writing, so hopefully that’ll be up within the next week. Anyway..

As most of my close friends and partner know, I really enjoy karaoke and singing and practice in my free time just as a hobby. I am in no way trained and just taught myself how to sing through a lot of practice and drinking of precious water, but I like to do it and figured I’d share some of it to the greater world to be judged. I often record myself singing but never share it, so what the hell – I’ll share it on my blog. Quality is decent because I have a condenser microphone with a pop filter, but acoustics aren’t great.

The two songs I’m posting today are “Trust” by Sevendust and “Careless Whisper” by George Michael. The former is the acoustic version from the “Time Travelers & Bonfires” album, and Careless Whisper is..well, Careless Whisper. I consider it up there with the best songs ever made, and enjoy its overtly sexy saxophone tone. It’s energizing and I enjoy hamming it up with the singing on that track.

I found that I was a bit off at the beginning of Careless Whisper but pick up after a minute, while Trust I am more consistent overall. Either way, enjoy. It’s a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy and am no longer shy about.

Trust – Sevendust
Careless Whisper – George Michael

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